Administrative law

Our office provides support in obtaining concessions, licenses and administrative authorizations, and actively represents Clients before administrative bodies.


Our firm can assist You with:

  • documentation for filing for administrative claims, providing legal standing in administrative court proceedings or administrative enforcement proceedings

  • preparing written legal opinions on the area of administrative law, substantive law and procedural law, as well as on administrative judicial proceedings and administrative enforcement proceedings

  • counseling on or conduct of litigation (challenging: administrative decisions, resolutions of local self-government entities, acts of government administration entities; complaints on public administration feebleness; extending the deadline for filing an appeal from a first level court decision; filing formal complaint on refusal to issue an attestation; resumption of administrative proceedings; declaring nullity of an administrative decision)

  • representation of Clients in proceedings before administrative bodies and local government entities throughout the administrative procedure, taking part in:

    • proceedings at first judicial level, appeal proceedings at the second judicial level, including local government appeal board cases

    • proceedings before the administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court