Company Law

Our law office staff, adept in company law and tax optimization strategies, will help both domestic and foreign entities to choose the best legal structure for a potential business idea, and to ensure its lawful registration.


Already established entities can outsource to us the task of optimizing company’s organizational structure, recognizing legal provisions, market risk and strategic direction of the company.


We further our services by offering legal counseling between stockholders and associates, and by providing ad hoc legal advice to corporate entities.


Our firm can assist You with:

  • selecting proper forms of commercial activity

  • formation of partnerships, companies or other entities (e.g. associations, foundations)

  • registration in the National Court Register

  • company restructuring (transformation, merger, division)

  • ad hoc corporate services

  • legal services to  corporate shareholding bodies

  • liquidation of economic entities

  • agreements between associates and shareholders

  • disputes between associates and shareholders

  • representing associates or shareholders at the shareholders' meetings or general meetings